2017-2018 Annual Fund

Annual Fund Overview

Annual Fund

People talk about it all the time – the importance of having a good foundation, a strong base upon which to build, the essentials. Bridges’ Annual Fund was founded with this in mind. Launched each fall, the Fund is dedicated to helping cover the school’s most basic costs. Funds raised are spent in the same school year so students benefit immediately. They help cover the cost of teacher salaries, building infrastructure, curriculum development, and financial aid. For Bridges, these costs are essential, and they come every year.

For Bridges students, the funds to cover these costs often mean the difference between developing effective academic and social skills or floundering in school. The Annual Fund helps keep tuition manageable for all students, but for the thirty percent on financial aid, it represents access and opportunity that they could not otherwise afford. Finally, for our donors, the Annual Fund means putting donations where they are most needed. It means making a difference right now.

Help us give Bridges students the foundation they deserve.
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