Student Voices

"Many of us at Bridges are stranded people. Our past has been rough, we’ve been an outsider at our last school, we’re behind in our learning, we have very little self-esteem and we can’t get out of this rough state (of mind). Bridges forms a bridge for us so that we can get from one state to another and be extremely successful when we get there. Bridges made a bridge for me and got me to a place that I felt I could never get back to. It shows us that we can succeed, learn, make friends, and have fun in school. Once they build that bridge, you just open yourself up and everyone accepts you. And you just keep going down the bridge without it falling back down. Bridges changes lives, and not only does it build bridges, it gives us indescribable hope.” -Zach, 8th Grade

"Here, you feel safe and like everyone cares about you – it is amazing how much Bridges has changed my life." –Kimmy, 7th Grade

"Bridges means a fresh start. It also means to reach your goal. It has helped me feel better about myself." –Andy, 7th Grade

"You don’t have to worry about bullies – Bridges Middle School is the best school in the world." –Hank, 7th Grade