Our Mission

Bridges Middle School’s mission is to provide a safe and enriching academic and social environment where students with learning differences can explore their role in the world

Our Vision

Every Bridges Middle School student graduates with the academic foundation, self-confidence and self-advocacy
skills necessary to be successful in
high school and life.

Our Core Beliefs

These beliefs carry equal weight. A school-wide commitment to these core beliefs at all levels of the organization will enable Bridges to adapt and grow while remaining true to our mission and vision. 

Our students come first.

  • We believe it is essential to place the needs of students above all others in every decision we make.
  • We believe that the core work of the school is supporting student learning.
  • We believe every child, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, language proficiency, learning style, or learning difference, deserves the opportunity to achieve to their highest potential.

High-quality teaching and learning are the keys to student success.

  • We believe high-quality instruction is key to our students’ success and is built on a rigorous and relevant curriculum that is aligned to standards, measurable outcomes, positive relationships, appropriate professional development and equitable access to educational opportunities.
  • We believe in high expectations for all students and staff built on a culture that respects individual differences and includes fair treatment, honesty, openness and integrity.
  • We believe a safe and orderly learning environment supports student success.

Effective leadership and organizational systems, accountability and an engaged community are essential to student success.

  • We believe in demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement through collaboration and integrated decision-making.
  • We believe effective leadership is vital at all levels of the organization and will create student success.
  • We believe it is our duty to properly steward school resources through ethical behavior, compliance with the law, transparency of processes and sound fiscal controls.
  • We believe community partnerships and family engagement are fundamental to achieving and sustaining student success.
  • We believe in a school—including administration and support staff—that is dedicated to providing high-quality service in support of teaching and learning.

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